Our ram LT 8222 of 1998 has set a new standard for size in the breed at that time. That impressive ram was something to see and made the Australians gasp in disbelief. A lot of his progeny was imported as embryos to Australia by amongst others Mr. Graham Sutherland who is the current President of the Australian Meat Merino Breeders Society.

In spite of this ramís size; we have always aimed at breeding a medium sized ewe which is well adapted to our region. Our sheep are not being pampered at all and are raised in the same conditions as all our commercial neighbours do their flocks.

We have always strived to breeding a no-nonsense ewe that lambs regularly and that have that certain alertness that makes her protect her offspring. You can only achieve this by using rams with that alertness and that shows character in the head.

Ample milk production goes hand-in-hand with the protective ewe and that is what provides us with lambs that survive and grow fast; the essence of sheep production. Genetic trend figures show that we are making progress in exactly those areas. It can be viewed underneath.

Good quality wool on our sheep has always been important and continuous attention on that have resulted in Stelena showing several wool champions over the years. Breeding values for the SA Mutton Merino gets more and more accurate and we use that as an important aid in the selection of our breeding animals.

Genetic Trend



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